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Full Members


1 – All-Trade Transport

Activity: European Roadtransport of chilled/frozen food

Roadtransport of airfreight

Airport/Airport – Airpot to door


2 – M. Deridder – J. Vanpaemel & Co. NV

And Its subsidary: Belcarga

Activity Deridder: Customs Road/Sea & Shipping Agent

Activity Belcarga: Airfreight/Cargo-Broker


3 – Maral BVBA

And Its subsidary: Latinacarga

Activity Maral: Coldstorage/Chilled Storage at Airports

Activity Latinacarga: 3PL and 4PL Logistics of fresh foods, mainly by air from Central and Latin America and Africa

4 – Tulpingroup (Tulpin BVBA)

Activity: 3PL and 4PL Logistics of Air-Freighted fruits & vegetables active at 8 airports en Benelux & Germany.

5 – Wetrex NV

Activity: Customs & Shipping Agency


Speciality: Frozen Meat/Seafood

Chilled Food

Offshore Equipment (Windmills)


Associated Members


6 – APC Trans BVBA

Activity: Transport of cars/trucks/equipment/cranes own loading facilities


7 – Ostend Airport Consultants

Activity: Aircargo Consultancy


8 – Portus Business Center BVBA

Activity: Business Center for transport and logistics